Where the Wild Things Are

On Where the Wild Things Are, I lead the team from pre-alpha through certification.  This title marked the studio’s first foray into the PS3, Wii, and X360.  To deliver on the potential of these new platforms intense effort from the engine and world art teams was required.  If that wasn’t enough, things got really challenging when we learned our publisher had folded.  At the time we were still pre-alpha.  This is when I took over all the production duties for the game.

We had to get the game into sellable shape fast.  We targeted a sequence of levels and segments that would serve as our demo.  The demo drove our task lists and priorities.  In a matter of weeks we had our demo polished and ready to go on the road.  I toured California demoing the game to publishers, big and small.  All the while we continued closing out bugs and wrapping up outstanding tasks.  During this time we kept the game in a shippable state.  We never knew when a publisher would want to see a live demo or receive a build.  All of our hard work paid off.  The Wild Things finally found a home at WB Games.

The team and I are proud of the game.  Despite challenging circumstances we created a fun game that kids and adults enjoy.   It captures the unique melancholy and humor of the Spike Jonze film and the Maurice Sendak book.

Credit: Producer
Platform: x360, PS3, wii

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