Flowplay’s goal for ourWorld.com was to create a safe environment where kids could express themselves and enjoy the most popular casual games on the web. To encourage kids to return to the site, we wrapped all the social interaction and casual games in a browser based, clientless MMO-RPG.

At the heart of the MMO experience is a powerful, highly customizable, patent pending avatar system that I co-invented. With it, players can truly express themselves. A limitless number of custom outfits can be created from the virtual cash and prizes players earn when playing games. When chatting with their friends, players can have their avatars jump with joy, do a dance, or any number of other gestures. Since no heavy download or client is required, all of the functionality is available instantly!

The robust avatar system and RPG gameplay helped Flowplay land a spot in the “Tech Crunch 40 2007″ conference and secure $3.7 million in funding from Intel Capital and Ambient Sound Investments. To date ourWorld has over a million users and is a key partner with casual game leaders like PopCap, Sandlot Games, Playfirst, and Miniclip.

Credits: Creative Director
Platform: Flash based MMO

Images Copyright Flowplay Inc. 2009

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