Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

It was a pleasure leading my team from concept all the way through to the approval of our x360, PS3, and Wii SKUs, as well as three DLC packages.  Our schedule was very tight.  From day one to alpha we had nine months, with another three to get the game through certification.  In that time, we created one of the biggest and best received console games the studio had ever built.  To achieve this, I developed and administered a new phase based content tracking and approval pipeline.  With this pipeline, we were able to maximize our iterations, improve communication, and massively reduce waste.

While I’m proud of the pipelines I established, and it was fun working with my leads to smooth out the kinks, getting to work with Luke Skywalker really was the highlight for me!  Over the course of the production I was privileged to be the owner of all the voice over recording sessions.  I collaborated with Charlie Adler, our VO director and voice of Dr. Doom, to get some of the best comedic performances ever captured for a video game.

Our cast was incredible.  We had Mark Hamill, George Takei, Jane Lynch, Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, John O’Hurley, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche, and Jimmy Cummings, along with the rest of the show’s cast.  I also had the opportunity to make use of my filmmaking skills.  I wrote shot lists, storyboarded, and directed all of the cut scenes in the game.  Fans and reviewers frequently called out the story, and how it was told, as being one of the most memorable and entertaining aspects of the game.

Marvel Super Hero: The Infinity Gauntlet was a dream project.  My team was great, I got to be a panelist at the New York and Sand Diego Comic conventions, and I got to direct gobs of cutscenes!  Though our schedule was short and our crew was small, we shipped an award winning game on three platforms, on time, profitably, and we had fun doing it.

Credit: Producer
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

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