Sansar is a next-gen VR optimized platform for building, sharing, and enjoying virtual experiences. I’ve been working as the Product Director since its inception. In this role I established the product vision, and using mock-ups, narrative presentations, interactive multi-platform prototypes, and demos, I garnered support for that vision with the company, and board of directors. To help realize our goals for Sansar, I also defined the release roadmaps, and  acceptance criteria.  Sansar is a powerful platform, and showcasing its potential was the mission of Sansar Studios, a team of amazingly talented environment, character, and tech artists that I recruited, managed and directed. The characters they created, and the experiences they built, have inspired our users to push the limits of their own projects.  Sansar is powered by its own proprietary VR optimized rendering, simulation, networking, and commerce engines.  This allows us to push the scale of the experiences available, and support user generated content, which is often inefficiently constructed. To get those underlying systems built quickly, with the highest level of fidelity, and performance, we collaborated closely with leading third party tech vendors.  I was the primary liaison and negotiator for these relationships which resulted in millions of dollars of unique license agreements and original commissioned works.

Credit: Director of Product
Platform: PC, Mac, VR

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