Second Life

No product I have ever worked on remotely approaches the complexity of Second Life. It is a proper world with a thriving economy with over 600 million dollars (USD) of user to user transactions flowing through it. With so much money at play, with a currency exchange where creators and service providers can purchase Linden dollars and exchange them for US dollars (or the fiat currency of their choice) the stakes are incredibly high.  As the owner of the maintenance, Amazon connect, Oculus Integration, and anti-griefing teams, I endeavored to keep the economy of Second Life growing and user satisfaction high.   One of my highlight projects on Second Life was the complete overhaul of the client release pipeline. With this project we were able to A / B test clients while quadrupling our release frequency. The project also improved the turn around on client hot fixes from a week to a single day.  With the new client release manager in place we were able to get more fixed out more quickly with less risk eliminating the grid lock that plagued our release process.  While ultimately limited by the aging tech powering Second Life, the Oculus integration project I oversaw proved to be invaluable source of lessons on VR design and development. Those lessons directly informed the direction of Second Life’s spiritual successor, Sansar.

Credit: Senior Producer
Platform: PC, Mac, VR

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