Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

An acclaimed, multi-award winning game, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor broke new ground with its emergent narrative technology and deeply engaging progression system. While always, compelling the game we were building at monolith wasn’t always the open world stealth action that it was when it shipped. I was selected to be part of special strike team tasked to build rapid prototypes to find the fun and the feeling of power that makes Shadow of Mordor so engaging. I also served as the producer for a number of other departments and teams including; tech art, progression, visual fx, character art, enemy design, environment lighting, and UI/UX. As a member of the production team I was also tasked with designing approval and asset handoff procedures. These procedures were adopted the character/enemy pipeline and became a model for other departments for improving collaboration, increasing the accuracy of progress tracking and estimates, and reducing costly rework and restarts.

Credit: Producer
Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC

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