7 Wonders

A PC hit, 7 Wonders is a classic match three game polished to a high sheen. As we adapted the game for mobile we focused on preserving the game’s epic feel. To achieve this we re-imagined the graphics, accelerated the level progression, and invented new presentation elements.

Much of the file size of the PC game was devoted to renderings of the Wonders. We couldn’t cut the Wonders, but we could change the way they were shown. Backgrounds were simplified and replaced with code drawn elements to reduce file size. In the case of the levels, I designed all new layouts for the smaller grid. We also reduced the number and length of the levels to match the shorter play sessions of the mobile gamer. New to the presentation elements was the “scroll”, a transitional device that added a cinematic seamlessness to the experience.

Critics have said our treatment of 7 Wonders “…offers a master class in how to make an engaging, addictive and polished mobile puzzle game.”

Credit: Producer, Designer
Platform: Mobile J2ME and Brew

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