Feeding Frenzy

Sprout Games’ Feeding Frenzy was amongst the first wave of hit PC casual games. Feeding Frenzy featured large pre-rendered 3d graphics, fluid screen motion, humorous sound design, and delicately balanced mouse controls. When the Real Networks mobile team scored the mobile rights it was quite a coup.

Preserving all the great art, sounds, and the signature feel of the controls was a challenge. It was these elements help the game to standout and were key to its success on PC. Alas, it was these very elements that were toughest to transition to mobile. File size restrictions limit graphic size. Playback delays and sound chip bugs hamper the aural experience. Poor industrial design and key latency hamstring game controls.

To cope, we were forced to do some extremely targeted editing. A few fish were cut from the roster to save on file size. The range in size a given fish could grow was reduced. We were able to keep the signature burps and gurgle sounds. Unfortunately only the top end handsets of the day could actually play them. After many rounds of iteration in close collaboration with Sprout Games we arrived at the variables needed to tune the controls and capture the unique feel of the PC version.

Credit: Producer, Designer
Platform: Mobile J2ME and Brew

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