Cake Mania


Cake Mania is one of the biggest hits ever in the PC casual games market. It was an honor to bring such a well loved game to mobile. Cake Mania is an art heavy, mouse driven game. As such, every element required careful consideration as I redesigned it for mobile.

The controls were the single biggest risk. Several control schemes were tried, but we selected the initial “dumb grid” design. In this scheme, the cursor simply moves from cell to cell. There is no notion of jumping from hot spot to hot spot. It was intuitive, and with the inclusion of wrap around navigation, it scaled with the user as their skill level increased. In light of the new controls, necessary changes had to be made to game pacing and level balance. The bakery upgrading interface also had plenty of room for improvement. For the mobile version we found ways to streamline the interactions.

Cake Mania Mobile works well on the best and worst of handsets. The attention to detail and respect for the license paid off. Cake Mania has enjoyed great sales and reviews alike.

Credit: Producer, Designer
Platform: Mobile J2ME and Brew

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