Luxor is a huge hit on many platforms.  The mobile version I designed and produced hit the top ten on Verizon, and was a best seller worldwide.  Building Luxor for two hundred mobile handsets was a challenged that required a complete reconceptualization of many of the game’s fundamental systems.

Levels in the pc version are based on fixed full screen illustrations.  This approach was too memory intensive for mobile.  Using the fixed aspect ratio layouts was also problematic, as they would not work on the complete range of handsets we had to hit.  We adopted a memory efficient tile based system for illustrating the levels and introduced horizontal scrolling to get around aspect ratio issues.  Scrolling also added some depth and tension to Luxor’s already solid gameplay.  Together, the scrolling and tile system insured that the gameplay would remain consistent across hundreds of devices.

Credit: Producer, Designer
Platform: Mobile J2ME and Brew

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